This site is intended as a resource to automatically connect people with service requests to relevant service providers during this Coronavirus outbreak.  Although available to anyone, the main goal was to provide a way to help our local healthcare workers and first responder as they are about to do the impossible.  

There are lots of places to go for volunteer assistance - I've linked many of them in the Resources page.  But I am concerned that all of the other efforts won't be able to handle time-sensitive requests efficiently. [See Announcements - we've got reinforcements!]

For example, a nurse at PAMF might need someone to watch his pets while he gets called into an odd shift. Using this system he could submit a "ticket" request for Pet Care services. Any persons who have registered as a Pet Care provider would then get notified via email of the request and can respond via email. Any requests that don't get a response in 2 hours will escalate to me.  

I've got 3 drivers setup now and an email to will create the service request automatically. 

In a little while it will even route automatically if the email has a specific tag in it (like "#Driver"). 

There's also a web portal (bare bones, if you want to peek) that can be leveraged to provide FAQ style info (like this post) that neither FB nor Nextdoor are very good for.

Tickets can also be created there and already automatically route to the correct type of providers as described above. 

Currently I need more providers to register! (just email and describe the kind of things you'd like to help with)

I don't think we'll need more drivers at the moment, but we probably need: 

Child care 

Pet care 

Home Repair 

Offers of goods (I'm offering up some of my TP as a promotion for example - see my earlier post on NextDoor)


I think the latter may be the most-used function later on ("I've got jelly, who's got PB?")

An email to will create the service request automatically. 

I'm retired, used this app a lot at companies I worked for and it's actually pretty trivial to set up for this. 

I would also like to invite anyone in the medical profession to self-register on the site , and check the "Health Care Provider" checkbox as I plan to use that to prioritize requests. This does NOT register you as a medical services provider! It's so if you send a request in you'll get higher priority. I also will not share registration info (email addresses, etc) with anyone else. 

If anyone knows of similar efforts, please hook me up so we aren't duplicating things.  If you know someone in another area who might want to set up something similar, you can refer them to me, it's quick, easy, and for 21 more (I've already asked the hosting provider to waive fees for this)